If I'm not drawing, I'm arguing with myself.
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Animation breakdown of “What if Gravity Falls was an anime”

He's useless but cute. Like Misha. (x)

Track: All These Things That I've Done
Artist: The Killers
Album: Hot Fuss


all these things that i’ve done // the killers

i got soul, but i’m not a soldier

The boys swooning over Tajima. `ʃƪ) ♡


This is exactly how I feel when I hear this song and I love this comic forever.


Emotional support bunnies

karasunobabies said: Kaneki ken #6 for the art meme ^-^

Aw man, sorry this took so long ; ; but here it is.

coffee-flavored-fate said: #4, Romano! If it pleases you. :x

Here you go friend! ヽ(;▽;)ノ Thank you for being so patient.


I’m allowed to make all the questionable decisions I want!!!!

romano-is-crying said: Hey! :) I’m so glad you get a week out of school! That’s great, Friend! I hope you enjoy it. ^-^ And for the pallet thing, I really love #5, and a Prussia would be lovely! :) Or if you’d rather do a Romano, I also like pallets #6 and #1. (I think #1 would be good for him.) But yes. Prussia in #5 is my top choice, if you’d like. :) Take good care, and all the best to you!! ^-^

I wish I could have done all three but hopefully this is okay ^//^ Prussia is actually really fun to draw. I should draw him more. I wish you all the best as well, friend! Hope you’re doing well ^-^